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In order to quickly and efficiently perform equipment installation and configuration, rapidly identify the cause of any problems that arise and how to resolve them, you need to know the technical side of the used devices operation. Materials presented on the portal are designed to guide you through all questions concerning InfiNet Wireless equipment. Here you will find installation instructions, information how to set up a link, how to access and use configuration interface and a lot of other useful information.

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Having an educated sales force is a key to selling successfully. InfiNet Wireless offers sales training course on all its products and various materials that can be delivered to a specific applications for different scenarios of usage. Material presented at this portal will be useful for further promotion of InfiNet Wireless products and will have a positive impact on the interaction process with Wireless Broadband Access market.

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In order to determine the correct solution for the projects requirements, answers on a set of questions must be found:

  • What products are suitable for certain tasks realization.
  • Key products features.
  • What training programs are available for employees.

Materials presented on the portal are designed to guide you through all questions concerning InfiNet Wireless equipment. Sections with instructor-led and online training will help you to select the training program.

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Here you will find necessary information that lets you accurately predict performance characteristics and verify the success of your project prior equipment purchasing. Presented materials will walk you through the instruction how to plan and optimize a link in "point-to-point" and "point-to-multipoint" topologies, how to attain the best possible performance and how to perform InfiNet Wireless equipment deployment.

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of studying at IW Academy

The unique skills and knowledge
that allow using the
InfiNet Wireless solutions effectively..
A better understanding of
the technologies used in high capacity wireless solutions.
Highly qualified experts,
who can provide
the wireless network maintenance
based on InfiNet Wireless equipment..
Top-quality information
for audiences of various specializations..
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