About education

IW Academy training programs are designed to provide unique knowledge of the wireless technologies and develop skills for effective applications of wireless systems. IW Academy will assist not only with the operation of InfiNet Wireless’ solutions but also give a deeper understanding of high-speed wireless technology. IW Academy training programs are developed to provide the most useful information for participants of different levels of experience and with different training requirements. Training programs divides into two categories:

  • Online Courses - gives access to the self-paced courses and documents library, as well as management tools to measure learning progress. Provides cost effective and time efficient methods for users to gain skills and knowledge.
  • Instructor-Led Training - scheduled for a variety of dates and locations. Our training is centered around the application of concepts learned in the lecture through hands-on workshops. We provide a work place for every student so they can individually work with InfiNet Wireless units configuration settings at their own pace. Full-day events to allow students to remain productive at work. After completion of training the certificate is issued.

Training Locations:

  • InfiNet Wireless’ training centers:
    • Bucharest (Romania).
    • Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation).
    • Dubai (UAE).
    • Bogota (Colombia).
    • Paris (France).
  • Customer location.


  • Russian.
  • English.
  • French.
  • Spanish.


Training delivered by specialists from InfiNet Wireless with many years’ experience of operating with large wireless network. They keep their skills up-to-date through ongoing professional development.