InfiPLANNER Overview

Video Tutorials

This screencast will show you how to use InfiPLANNER - wireless link planing service.

Key topics:

  • InfiPLANNER operational modes: geo-located and calculator.
  • How to check whether it is possible to establish a link with the certain InfiNet Wireless units with the certain radio frequency characteristics and antenna height.
  • Link parameters estimation to provide the best availability and throughput.
  • Detailed link perfomance report.
  • Installation guide.

Management Access VLAN Configuration

Video Tutorials

This video take you through the configuration process of the VLAN interface for remote management access to the InfiLINK 2x2 and InfiMAN 2x2 families units.

Key topics:

  • The main features of Ethernet, SVI and VLAN interfaces.
  • General VLAN usage examples.
  • Step-by-step procedure of management access VLAN configuration.

Antenna Alignment Tool

Video Tutorials

The guide for the best practices for antenna alignment for the InfiLINK XG, InfiLINK 2x2 and InfiMAN 2x2 families.

Includes the built-in web-based graphical antenna alignment tool features overview. This tool allows to visualize the signal characteristics on both sides of the wireless link in order to make the antenna alignment process more accurate and easier. Here you will also find the recommended parameters values that should be taken into account when performing the antenna alignment.

Un video sobre los escenarios en que la herramienta de alineación es muy útil para ayudar en la implementación o mantenimiento de las plataformas InfiLINK 2x2, InfiMAN 2x2 y InfiLINK XG. Con este tutorial se analiza los detalles de la herramienta de alineación así como los pasos para utilizarla efectivamente en las actividades diarias.


Video Tutorials

ERConsole is a special tool that is used to:

  • Restore access to the InfiNet Wireless units.
  • Assign a new IP address to the unit Ethernet interface.
  • Reset the unit to the default factory settings.

This video walks through the typical scenarios when the ERConsole is used, how it works and what requirements should be met.

InfiLINK XG Quick Start Guide

Video Tutorials

Step-by-step guide for quick setup a link between two InfiLINK XG units via web-interface:

  • Where to find info about firmware version and how to upgrade it in a few clicks.
  • How to set connection between internal and external ports in connectivity matrix.
  • What minimal settings in the Radio section should be configured.
  • How to check whether the connection was established or not.

The step-by-step guide how to commission InfiNet Wireless R5000 series units:

  • Network planning with InfiPLANNER tool.
  • Mounting kit assembling and unit installation.
  • Antenna alignment with LED indicators and built-in antenna alignment tool.
  • Perfomance testing.
  • Using built-in spectrum analyzer to find the clearest channel.
  • Checking the link statistics.
  • Making an a single-click ease installation report.

GPS synchronization using AUX-ODU-SYNC

Video Tutorials

In this screencast the InfiNet Wireless GPS synchronization module for the InfiLINK 2x2 PRO and InfiMAN 2x2 base station sectors is considered. In combination with InfiNet’s new proprietary TDMA-based wireless architecture, AUX-ODU-SYNC completes the solution, providing TDD synchronization to its systems, both legacy and newly deployed.

Basic Configuration for ISPs

Video Tutorials

Here we will walk you through the basic scenarios of the InfiLINK 2x2 and InfiMAN 2x2 families units configuration for ISPs applications.

Key topics:

  • Basic ISP network architecture overview.
  • Various configuration scenarios.
  • QoS policies implementation.
  • Trunk/In-Trunk switch group configuration.

Upgrade Firmware From Polling to TDMA

Video Tutorials

Key topics covered in the screencast include:

  • Difference between Polling and TDMA technologies.
  • Polling and TDMA technologies features.
  • In which situations it is advisable to use Polling, in which - TDMA.
  • Basic requirements for the wireless unit settings.
  • Step-by-step process of upgrading from Polling to TDMA.
  • Synchronization with AUX-ODU-SYNC.

This video will provide you with in-depth, firsthand knowledge of how to perform configuration of InfiNet Wireless units for advanced QoS implementations.

Key Highlights:

  • Traffic selection and priority assignment.
  • Traffic queuing and packet scheduling.
  • Traffic shaping.
  • Practical scenarios.

InfiMONITOR Overview

Video Tutorials

InfiMONITOR overview, where you will learn:

  • How to enable and configure SNMP via web GUI on R5000 series units. 
  • What is an "Auto-discovering" and how to add hosts to the monitoring system.
  • How to configure event rules and group of rules.
  • How to configure e-mail notifications about critical events to the responsible person.
  • How to create new users or groups of user accounts and configure permissions.
  • License information and where you can upload the new one.

At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, Spain, InfiNet Wireless CEO Dmitry Okorokov took the time to talk about the changes in the wireless connectivity industry and how Infinet is adapting by developing new solutions to stay ahead of new trends and satisfy the needs of customers.