Infinet educational resources and certification programs are intended for specialists of any level and are aimed to acquiring new knowledge and skills in operating the company equipment. Infinet certificates confirm the specialists knowledge and skills, helping them to improve their qualifications and the level of confidence to own professional competence. Currently, there are three levels of qualifications available, which can be confirmed by the corresponding certificate:

  • First level

    Listener certificate

    A listener certificate is provided to a user who has completed an instructor-led training in any course available at the Infinet Academy organized by Infinet itself or a partner company. This certificate confirms that its owner has attended the appropriate course.

    At the end of the certificate validity period, it can be renewed by a repeated training. To go through the content and sign up for the training proceed to the Instructor-Led Trainings section.

  • Second level

    Engineer Certificate

    An Engineer certificate is provided to a user who successfully passes the certification exam. The certificate confirms that its owner has sufficient skills in operating Infinet wireless equipment.

    At the end of the validity period, the certificate can be renewed by successfully passing the certification exam. The certification exam is available on the Infinet Academy portal and can be passed online. Proceed to the Certification exams sections.

  • Third level

    Trainer Certificate

    The trainer certificate is provided to employees of the Infinet Academy authorized training centers which met the following conditions:

    • successfully completed at the desired course;
    • a valid engineer certificate;
    • successfully completed an Infinet Academy standards training.

    The trainer certificate allows to carry out instructor-led trainings for the specified in the certificate courses. The trainer certificate validity period is the same with the engineer's certificate. To become an Infinet authorized training center proceed to the Partner program section.

All certificates are available to view and download in your personal account in the Certification section.